2021 Sermons

3rd January, 2021          Ephesians 3:3           God's gracious and wonderful revelation


10th January, 2021        Mark 1:10                  Gentle as the dove


17th January, 2021        John 1:43                  This is our life


24th January, 2021        Mark 1:14-15            The kingdom of God is at hand


31st January, 2021        Deuteronomy 18:15-18   God speaks and we listen


7th February, 2021         Mark 1:35-38            Jesus' great concern


14th February, 2021       Mark 9:7                    Listening to the right voice


21st February, 2021       1 Peter 3:21              Baptism and the place of faith


28th February, 2021       Mark 8:34-37            The cost of being a Christian


7th March, 2021             1 Corinthians 1:18    The power of the Cross


14th March, 2021           Ephesians 2:10         Our new life in Christ


21st March, 2021           Hebrews 5:7              Such wondrous love!


28th March, 2021           Mark 11:9                   Rightful praise of the King of kings


1st April, 2021                Maundy Thursday Service


2nd April, 2021               Good Friday Service


4th April, 2021                Easter Sunday Service


11th April, 2021              1 John 1:9                  Radiating the image of God


18th April, 2021              1 John 3:2                  On our way to glory


25th April, 2021              Ephesians 6:11-12    Choosing the right battle


2nd May, 2021                 1 John 4:7                  Love that is true is from God


9th May, 2021                  1 John 5:2                  The best thing we can do


16th May, 2021               John 17:17                 Where the truth is found


23rd May, 2021               John 16:13                 Our guiding Spirit of truth


30th May, 2021               John 3:3                      Born again to see


6th June, 2021                Genesis 3:3                No longer living with shame


13th June, 2021              No video this week as Pr Peter on Annual Leave


20th June, 2021              No video this week as Pr Peter on Annual Leave


27th June, 2016              No video this week due to technical issues


4th July, 2021                  Mark 6:5                     A context for healing


11th July, 2021                Ephesians 1:4            God's great mystery revealed


18th July, 2021                Ephesians 2:14         The one true gospel


25th July, 2021                Matthew 14:25          Jesus reigns over all


1st August, 2021             John 6:35                   Coming to fullness of life


8th August, 2021             Ephesians 5:1            For glory and blessing


15th August, 2021           Proverbs 9:6              Wise people living in a confused world


22nd August, 2021          John 6:63                   Relying on the Spirit of Life


29th August, 2021           No video this week due to Parish service at Glencoe


5th September, 2021       James 2:17                Faith and works together


12th September, 2021     Mark 8:34                   Following Jesus and not 'self'


19th September, 2021     James 3:17                Living out the wisdom from above


26th September, 2021     Numbers 11:10         Having a Godly vision


3rd October, 2021             Genesis 2:24             The Gospel reflected in humanity


10th October, 2021           No video this week as Pr Peter on Annual Leave


17th October, 2021           No video this week as Pr Peter on Annual Leave


24th October, 2021           No video this week as Pr Peter on Annual Leave


31st October, 2021           Jeremiah 31:33         Written on our hearts


7th November, 2021         1 Kings 17:16            On a journey with God


14th November, 2021       Psalm 16:1-2             All good things we have come from God


21st November, 2021       John 18:37                 Being thankful as we listen to Jesus


28th November, 2021       Luke 21:28                 With heads held high


5th December, 2021          Philippians 1:6          The present working of God


12th December, 2021        Zephaniah 3:17         God's surprising expression of his love


17th December, 2021        Hebrews 10:8-9         Christmas Presentation Address


25th December, 2021        Christmas Day Address


26th December, 2021       No Service Held Today